Where I Have Been

When last you heard from me, I shared the story of my love of The Baby-Sitters Club and how it gave me ideas about organizing. But that was in April. Now it's almost a year later, and many things have happened since then.

That was the last thing I wrote as the hubby and I were closing on our new-old house. We knew at the time it was going to be an undertaking, but sometimes you really can’t know what you’ve gotten yourself into until you’re in it. I mean, clearly we knew it was going to need some paint...
Jungle Room Before

That room will forever be known as The Jungle Room even though it’s hardly recognizable now. It took two coats of heavy-duty primer, two coats of quality paint and a new laminate floor to cover the jungle (or as some friends like to tease, kill it.)
Jungle Room After

Of course we had been through inspection, and although nothing major came up, we still didn’t really know the amount of work we were in for in addition to the painting. For instance, while some of the house had ground wires run, other areas had two-wire electrical with 3-prong outlets. After seeking the advice of a couple of electricians, we ended up replacing over 30 outlets and light switches. Which is enough work as it is, and when you add to that running up and down two flights of stairs figuring out which breakers turned off which rooms...well, it took awhile.

While all of this work was going on (with lots of help from my parents and brother, fortunately,) we were still living in an apartment that had to be packed up and moved. After moving across the country less than a year prior, it was hard to get packed when all we had UNpacked was stuff that we were using on a regular basis. But after a month of working on the house with it empty, we finally started the moving-in process.

Moving in is not just physical labor, although there’s plenty of that. It’s a HUGE organization project. Although we have more space in than in our previous home, all of the rooms’ sizes and configurations were very different. We only had one bookshelf since the old ones were all built-in. The upstairs rooms all have sloped ceilings, meaning furniture configurations, filling closets and finding places to hang pictures were a real challenge.

In the midst of all of this, I started having some health issues that needed attention and sapped me of energy and feeling well enough to stay on top of everything. It was enough to even make THIS organized girl feel overwhelmed by chaos and in WAAAAAY over her head.

The good news is that I’m finally feeling better and the house is mostly together. Of course the projects on a 73-year-old house are likely never to be complete, but we’re finally above water and can focus on maintenance more than improvement.

But wait! There's one more thing! During my hiatus, I also developed the R.A.B.B.I.T. Rules of Organizing. You can get the FREE infographic of the rules by signing up for the mailing list.

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